STALLION – a band rooted in the style of 80th hard’n’heavy-bands. Variety in song writing, combined with straight riffs and melodic vocals…perhaps a shortcut matching Stallion’s sound.

The band started off in 1995 with Achim Hopf (vocals), Tom Phillips (guitar), Hakan Topcu (drums) and Gianni Tuveri (bass / backing vocals). They played various shows and recorded their first CD at their own studio.

After Gianni left the band in 1997 for personal reasons, Uli Grzeschik joined to close the gap. The new line up worked on new material, newly influenced by Uli’s musical personality.

Though gaining lots of positive feedback regarding songs and performance, they had to phase down their activities job-related. In the last years asking for news about Stallion might have sounded ridiculous, but…the guys kept the faith!

In 2008 the band got a new kick proved by the new recordings, again arranged and produced in the band’s studio.  Their mates Tim and Sven finally mixed and mastered the material at their own studio, yielding the present result…

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